Last Christmas, I received a knitting loom kit.  I made my first hat the next day.  Just for fun, I posted it on Facebook.  Miraculously, someone posted a comment asking if they could order a hat.  In short, that’s how InspiraWear was born and it has been a blessing in so many ways,.

Arts ‘n’ Crafts always frustrated me as a kid.  The projects I attempted didn’t come out as well as I wanted or expected, so I never felt very artistic, although I always wished I was.

A few years ago, I had a conversation with a colleague who is a painter.  I was complimenting her work and said I wished I was an artist.  She looked at me and said, “You are.”

I looked back at her quizzically, so she went on to explain,”You are a writer and a web designer.  Anytime you write a poem or a story or create a website, you are putting art out into the world.  Therefore, you are an artist.”

I loved her reasoning and, while it took me a while to feel like I deserved to be called an artist, I now own it and it makes me so happy.

When I took up crocheting and looming, that added another dimension to my creativity.  All of these handcrafted items are art.  Each piece I create brings about ideas for new items and my clients have also inspired all sorts of color combinations and styles.  The loomed hats lead to shawls and scarves.  Little crocheted hearts lead to washcloths, pot holders and soap scrubbies.  The options are endless and so inspiring.

Looming and crocheting has also been vital to my healing.

From a practical perspective, it has helped pay the bills, especially my health insurance deductible and the medical bills that insurance does not cover.  Therefore, it has relieved financial stress so I can concentrate on healing.

It has also kept me occupied.  Translation:  I am never bored, so it’s kept me from going crazy while on bed rest.

As an added bonus, I have found looming to be particularly healing.  Like meditation, it calms me and I sleep more soundly.  I also think better.  Often, while I am looming, I am able to come up with solutions to various work and life issues.

With winter around the corner, “hat season” is upon us and I would love to make a hat, or any of my handcrafted items, just for you.  To place your custom order, you can email me at or, if you are on Facebook or Facebook Messenger, feel free to comment on my InspiraWear posts or private message me.

Artistically yours,
aka InspiraGirl

InspiraWear:  You never know where great ideas are going to come from. This one started with a loom kit from Michael’s.