I had the pleasure of attending a seminar run by Andrea Mastrobattista  of Operation INSPIRATION at one one the meetings of the Business and Professional Women of Bernardsville.  It was an incredible and comprehensive presentation.  It was clear that Andrea put a lot of thought into the presentation and the subject matter.  The audience was very impressed with what was discussed and it was the type of presentation where everyone in the audience was eager to participate.  I picked up some great ideas from the seminar and and I look forward to the next seminar, presentation or lecture that Andrea prepares.  She is a very animated speaker and gets her points across with great details and information.  Andrea is the true definition of INSPIRATION. ~Jeri Cohen, Associate Vice President, Wells Fargo


“I left the seminar excited and rejuvenated about my dreams.  Andrea’s interactive workshop is not to be missed.” ~Sam Santiago, Author, Secrets of Business Promotion Revealed


Andrea’s presentation was uplifting and inspiring.  It is rare to find a speaker who has so much to say and presents so eloquently. ~ Barry Silverman, Owner, Successful U.


I need to be encouraged and renewed. This is the reason I came to your “Journey of Discovery” workshop and will continue to come to future workshops. ~Inez Bennett, President, Elaborate Parties by Bennett


Andrea presented her seminar to the Business and Professional Women of Bernardsville for our first meeting of the year.  She kicked us off with a very successful program!  We had great attendance, which included many guests.  She offered a preview of her 10-part series on “Living an Inspirational Life.”  In it, she helped us work through breaking justify down our blocks to living the way we would all love to live, isolating the components we would love to improve upon, and coming up with first steps to achieve these improvements!  It was a very interactive, fun, and yes, an “Inspirational” evening!

We received quite a few very positive comments on program!  We are looking forward to hearing about Andrea’s next endeavors and we will hopefully be able to incorporate some of them into future programs!

I personally enjoyed her program, as it helped me isolate some of the issues that I know keep me from my own “Inspirational Life.” Andrea’s program has given me “food-for-thought”, and some great ideas on how to tackle some of my own “demons”, and start moving in a more positive direction!  I’m looking forward to hearing more from Andrea and what her extensive program will have to offer.

Warmest regards,
Carol Pankow-Brown
2005-06 President, BPW Bernardsville