Why The Cave?

I have been living in a cave since May 31, 2017.   Renovations are taking place in my home, including my wheelchair accessible bathroom.   So, while my bathroom is being worked on, I have moved to the basement, which has been finished and also now has a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

I originally called the new basement “The Cave” because, by definition, a basement is the floor of a building partly or entirely below ground level. It will be no surprise to those who know me and my work that I took things a step further by renaming my temporary quarters The InspiraCave, because of how much I am enjoying the experience and the inspiring lessons I am learning while living and working here.  It has offered me growth on multiple levels that I thought I would share with you, my InspiraGang, in the hope you may be helped and inspired as well.

I have been wanting to write an inspirational blog for some time and have been fretting over what to call it.  Well, this set of circumstances has given me the perfect name, at least for now.  When the time comes, I will rename the blog.  But for now, I give you…



2 thoughts on “Why The Cave?

  1. I love the name. Inspiration and change can not be forced and you are welcoming both in your Cave. I think the courage or maybe strength it is giving you is something you don’t want to lose, but is the Cave giving you this or simply reminding you how strong and courageous you are.

    • Kathy,

      You are very wise. The Cave is most definitely serving as a welcome reminder that strength and courage are already inside of me and I simply need to draw upon it when I need it.

      aka InspiraGirl

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