No Cows in The Cave

For years, TV was one of my drugs of choice.  My favorite magazine when I was a kid was TV Guide and I read it from cover to cover week after week.  If you wanted to know what was on TV at a specific day and time, I could tell you.  I soaked up tons of trivia about all of my favorite TV shows… Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, The Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, etc.  My TV trivia knowledge from the 1970s onward is unparalleled.  But I am not as proud of that skill as I used to be because I have come to realize I was wasting time and numbing my brain.  Living and working upstairs, I had the TV on most of the time.  I had convinced myself I needed the white noise.  I even slept with the TV on almost every night.

Well, guess what? There are no cows in The Cave.  A number of my Facebook friends will get that “Twister” reference. 😉  As much as I love TV, when I knew I was moving downstairs temporarily and that there would be no DirecTV for the duration of my stay, I was ready to meet the challenge of living without it.  Strangely, I was even excited about it.

While I will probably not stop watching TV completely, I am definitely feeling the benefits of significantly cutting down on the time I spend glued to the boob tube — an accurate description since I feel like a boob after numbing my mind for so many years:

  1. I feel more creative.
  2. I am spending more time on healthy activities like meditation, crocheting, reading, writing, and socializing with friends.
  3. I feel better about myself.
  4. Even with my addiction, I was conscientious about getting my work done.  But there is always room for improvement and I noticed that I am working more efficiently.
  5. I am more energetic and engaged in life.
  6. I feel better about myself. (That’s HUGE.)


It’s been over two months and I have only watched about four hours of DirecTV during rare trips upstairs.  One day, I tuned in to General Hospital and then watched more TV when GH was over.  I felt lousy afterward.  The saying is true: That’s time I’ll never get back.  I call that “getting sucked into the abyss” and it caused me to make a life-changing decision.  When I move back upstairs, I am having my DirecTV receiver transferred from my room to The Cave for the whole family and our guests to enjoy.  I am not completely removing temptation, but I am moving it downstairs.  That’s progress.

Having said that, I am not going to lie to you, my faithful InspiraGang.  I obviously have my computer and a stack of my favorite DVDs down here in The Cave.  But now that I am aware of the mind-numbing effects of excessive TV viewing, I have become more careful about what I watch and how much time I spend watching it.

I have a feeling that Twister will always be one of my favorite movies, even though I don’t actually own the DVD or Blu-ray and I don’t have a Netflix or Amazon subscription.  I never needed to because, as you know from my Facebook feed, it’s on TV frequently.  But now that I am somewhat TV-free, when I am borrowing books from Bernardsville Public Library, I can rent the Twister DVD from time to time when I want to treat myself to my not-so-guilty pleasure.

While I am facing my TV addiction head-on, I will probably never stop making TV references.  So…

Tune in next week for another episode of “Lessons From The Cave.”  For now, enjoy the flying cow. 😉

2 thoughts on “No Cows in The Cave

  1. Andrea that is great on that. I wish I could do that but TV is like noise for me at home when I am cooking or cleaning. and sometimes when I ready to go to bed. But I have come to notice that Television does not have anything good to watch. Congratulations on your endeavor to give up TV.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your comments. I can relate to what you are saying. I sometimes kept the TV on to keep me company. But then I realized that I am better company for myself than the TV was. 😉

      I am not totally giving up TV. I am curbing my viewing to worthwhile programming so that I can accomplish more inspirational goals.


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