Finding a Way

At first, I was looking forward to moving into The Cave.  Then, as the moving date got closer, I became more apprehensive.  I have grown into an independent person despite my handicap, or maybe because of it.  But now, I felt I needed help showering because I was nervous transferring from my wheelchair into a shower chair, something I had not done on my own since my college dorm days.  So, while I longed to be completely independent in The Cave, I was frightened of falling.

It’s amazing how fear sets in as one gets older.  I was just about to turn 50 and I was letting fear get the better of me.   Embarrassing for me, InspiraGirl, to admit. But it was, nonetheless, true.

Each morning, as my mother helped me transfer to and from the shower chair, I kept saying, “There has to be a way I can do this completely on my own.  I did it before.  I can do it again.”  I was determined.

So, here’s what happens when I keep telling myself, “There has to be a way.”

When it’s important enough to me, I FIND A WAY.

It took four weeks of conversation (and, yes, complaining), trial and error, and positive self-talk, but I did it!

Now, with this new level of independence and other revelations I have had in the past few weeks in The Cave (revelations that I will discuss in future blog posts), I don’t want to move back upstairs.  However, since this room is meant to be used by the whole family and as a guest room when needed, I will have to move when the upstairs bathroom is done.  But for now,  I am so enjoying myself down here in “The Cave.”

Hey InspiraGang… What are you afraid to do but also WANT to do?

6 thoughts on “Finding a Way

  1. “It’s amazing how fear sets in as one gets older. ” Especially fear of falling. Never thought about it when I was younger and fell off horses, down ski slopes, etc. But when you get older, you realize that injuries from falls can knock you out of commission for quite a while.

    • Lorrie,

      I am working on a being more careful so I don’t fall because, as you point out, injuries sometimes do take longer to heal as one ages. Since our fears seem to increase as we get older, too, I am working on not allowing my fears stop me from living a full life. With all of the activities that you participate in, you are definitely an inspiration to me in that area.

      aka InspiraGirl

  2. I shared with you “because you are, you can” which came to me on Sunday. You conquered the shower! I conquered One World Trade’s observatory. Next up, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. I cannot write more just yet other than “it is time” – to heal, to cope, to move forward. It will require everything I’ve got in me. (Any pill to pop for super hero strength?) And, because I am, I can.

    • Sandy,

      I love “Because You Are, You Can.” Thank you for sending it to me. I applaud your courage in facing your fear surrounding 9/11 and the aftermath. Keep sharing your journey. It will be a huge inspiration to so many.

      You already have superhero strength inside of you even if you don’t feel it yet. That’s the thing about superhero. You sometimes need to use it to feel it. When you need to draw upon it, it will be there for you… and so will I. 😉

      aka InspiraGirl

  3. I was afraid to walk down the street by myself. I just lost sight in one of my eyes. The neurologist is unsure of when it will return. After reading this post, I was inspired to try. I messaged a friend and we met up down the road to chat for a bit. It felt frightening, freeing, and exciting all wrapped up into one. Thank you for helping.

    • Jenn,

      I am so proud of you for the work you are doing to conquer your fears and for how your are dealing with your health challenges head-on. You are an INSPIRATION!

      aka InspiraGirl

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