Why The Cave?

I have been living in a cave since May 31, 2017.   Renovations are taking place in my home, including my wheelchair accessible bathroom.   So, I have moved to the basement, which has been finished and also now has a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

I originally called the new basement “The Cave” because, by definition, a basement is the floor of a building partly or entirely below ground level.  It should be no surprise to those who know me and my work that I took things a step further and dubbed my temporary quarters The InspiraCave, because of how much I am enjoying the experience and the inspiring lessons I am learning while living and working here.  The experience has offered me growth on multiple levels that I thought I would share with you, my InspiraGang, in the hope you may be helped and inspired as well.

I have been wanting to write an inspirational blog for some time and have been fretting over what to call it.  Well, this set of circumstances has given me the perfect name, at least for now.  I reserve the right to change the name of my blog when life shows me another direction in which to go.  But for now, I give you…



Different is Not a Negative Word

Different is not a negative word,
Despite all the rumors you might have heard,
There are those who are nervous about the differences they see,
They much prefer similarity.

There are those who think being different is bad or worse,
As if it’s some sort of horrible, terrible curse,
Being different is not a disease or fault,
No one is the same, although that’s what you may have thought.

You might learn a thing or two from the differences you find,
You might even discover something that opens your mind,
Causing you to marvel at the differences you see,
A look, an idea, a personality.

Take time to experience the differences that exist,
They can give your life an exciting, new twist,
Yes, despite all the rumors you might have heard,
Different is not a negative word.


I Can Choose . . .

I can choose to be lazy or I can choose to “git ‘er done”…

I can choose to turn a blind eye or I can choose to stay aware…

I can choose to get angry and blame and shun or I can choose to stay calm and forgive and love…

I can choose to give up or I can choose to give it all I’ve got…

I can choose to try to control the outcome or I can choose to let go of the outcome…

Bottom line… I Can Choose…