Whatever challenges you face, you have what it takes to create and live your most fulfilling life.

This declaration is one of the cornerstones of Operation INSPIRATION and has been since its inception in 2005, and that core belief has become more meaningful to me than ever before.

On August 28, 2017, I was put on bed rest to heal a pressure wound.  As an active person and an extrovert who loves being out and about in the world, this could have been a crushing blow to me.  HOWEVER, while I wasn’t happy, I also wasn’t going to let this situation get me down… not for long, anyway.

I knew that the best way for me to heal was to remain productive in my professional life and personally connected to my family and friends, and to you, InspiraGang.  (For anyone visiting this website for the first time, InspiraGang is what I have dubbed the members of the Operation INSPIRATION community.)  So, I decided to share my healing experiences with you with two goals in mind:

  • To help anyone who is dealing with challenging and seemingly overwhelming situations
  • To help me stay positive throughout my healing journey

Sharing my healing journey has been and continues to be a positive experience and I have immeasurable gratitude for everyone who has reached out, either in person or through social media, to offer support and encouragement and to share stories of their own life challenges.

I am nearly healed and I look forward to seeing you in person at my workshops and at my favorite virtual offices, including Bernardsville Public Library and the Bernardsville Starbucks.

Operation INSPIRATION is one of my greatest joys and it is a privilege to help you increase your confidence and your belief in yourself to create and live your most fulfilling life.

Prior to my diagnosis, I had been struggling to come up with new Operation INSPIRATION workshop material and I was praying for divine inspiration … and my prayers were answered.  While I jokingly warn you to be careful what you wish for, I realized almost immediately that one of the gifts of this pressure wound and healing journey is that I can use the lessons I would be learning from this experience to also help you deal with your life challenges.

Along with the Healing Lessons workshop I am facilitating at Bernardsville Public Library this year, I am working on new content for the website.  In it, among other things, you will find:

Enjoy your visit to the Operation INSPIRATION website.  I update it regularly, so please bookmark it and continue to visit for inspiration.

All the Best to You,
Andrea Mastrobattista
Professional Inspirer
and President of Operation INSPIRATION